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Water Will Never Be the Same and Neither Will You

Water is life. It's where we came from millions of years ago. Your Makara experience will change your approach to this vital element that deeply belongs to all of us. It's time to rediscover the silence and wisdom of water, to explore it, to own it once again.

The Silence of E-Power

"Do I dare to disturb the universe?"
T.S. Elliot

Immerse yourself in the silence of a peaceful lake. Savor the freedom of exploring nature without disturbing it. Makara's e-powered movement blends technology and nature, it is your key to nature's most protected spots. Your inner journey begins here.


Like an aquatic bird, Makara rotates 360 degrees around its axis for maximum flexibility on the water surface. Its controllers are like joysticks, bringing back memories of childhood videogames.

Makara brings back the golden days of on-screen sport simulations – but this time for real. And it is much more than just fun. It's intuitive, effortless, safe – for everyone.


"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works"
Steve Jobs

Quality is essential, and design is value. Makara is elegance and contemporary aesthetics. But it is also function.
Its carbon composite structure makes it light to carry and easy to transport on your car.

Makara combines agility and perfect flow behavior, and its low weight distribution means it will not flip over.

Makara's cockpit is comfortable, spacious, inviting. It is where you forget about your daily routine and immerse yourself in nature.

Where you go explore the world – for both the urban explorer and nature pioneer. Makara adapts to your desires and takes you on a new adventure every day.

A New Water Experience